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Dr. Kyle Green

Chief Clinical Director

Dr. Kyle Green is our Chief Clinical Officer (CCO), a highly experienced dental professional who provides exceptional leadership, management, and training to our doctors and hygienists. Collaborating closely with the Operations Team, Dr. Green integrates proven processes and systems into our practices, influencing the overall success of our dental clinics.


With a focus on developing a robust clinical operational infrastructure, Dr. Green spearheads the implementation of systems, processes, and personnel that align with our growth objectives. He maintains strong provider relationships, strategically positioning them within our network and managing their schedules. Dr. Green also plays a key role in recruiting new providers, collaborating with our Chief Strategy Officer (CSO) and Chief Visionary Officer (CVO).


As a proponent of patient-centered care, Dr. Green ensures the implementation of the "triangle of trust" concept, fostering trust with patients and staff. He oversees the WOW and New Patient Experience to achieve positive clinical outcomes and increase treatment conversion. Dr. Green promotes consistency in comprehensive diagnoses and trains providers to refer patients to specialty offices. He sets clinical-specific goals for each provider, providing guidance and support for their achievement. Additionally, Dr. Green actively assists providers in adding new clinical services to enhance patient care.


Dr. Green's commitment to safety and exceptional clinical outcomes ensures our patients receive the highest standard of care. He stays abreast of the latest technology and techniques, continually seeking opportunities for professional growth. By sharing his knowledge and fostering the development of our team members, Dr. Green elevates the quality of care provided.


As our Chief Clinical Officer, Dr. Kyle Green's wealth of experience and expertise drives the success of our organization. With a patient-centered approach and dedication to advancing dental practices, he plays a pivotal role in improving clinical outcomes and implementing protocols for quality and efficient dentistry.


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