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Dane Stokes, MBA

Chief People Officer

Dane Stokes is an accomplished business leader, known for his expertise as both a Chief Financial Officer (CFO) and Chief People Officer (CPO). With a career spanning healthcare, energy, and engineering - Dane has consistently demonstrated his ability to drive strategic growth, innovative thinking and financial performance for organizations across these industries.


In his roles, Dane has spearheaded transformative initiatives, developing and executing innovative strategies that have delivered exceptional results. Dane's strategic acumen, combined with his comprehensive financial knowledge, has enabled him to create value and sustainable competitive advantages for the organizations he has served. Dane has been a catalyst for change and has successfully led strategic initiatives that have delivered exceptional results.


Dane has held leadership positions as CFO, where he has been responsible for driving financial strategy and optimizing financial performance. His comprehensive financial expertise encompasses financial planning and analysis, mergers and acquisitions, and capital allocation. 


Throughout his career, Dane has leveraged his analytical skills to provide valuable insights into financial performance, identify areas for improvement, and develop data-driven strategies to maximize profitability. 


As CPO, Dane is a champion for the organization's most valuable asset—its people. He recognizes that a company's success is intricately tied to the well-being and engagement of its employees. Dane strives to develop and implement comprehensive HR strategies that align with the organization's goals, creating an environment where employees can thrive both personally and professionally.  His strategic approach extends to talent acquisition, focused on finding the right people and putting them in the right seat as Jim Collins has so eloquently taught us.  


Dane's leadership style is marked by his ability to inspire and motivate cross-functional teams. He fosters a culture of collaboration and excellence, empowering individuals to think creatively, embrace innovation, and drive organizational performance. As a strategic leader, he is adept at aligning diverse stakeholders around a shared vision, building strong partnerships, and effectively communicating strategic objectives throughout the organization.


Dane holds an MBA from Drexel University, where he specialized in finance. His passion for learning and unique industry experience, enables him to bring fresh perspectives and innovative strategies to the organizations he serves.


Outside of work, Dane enjoys spending time with his wife and two sons.  His weekends are often spent with the family on a sports field or court of some kind, or otherwise enjoying outdoor adventures at the beach or in the mountains.  When he can, he enjoys getting out for a round of golf where he continues his pursuit to be a bogey golfer. 


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