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Tim Harrington

Chief Marketing Officer

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Tim Harrington

Chief Marketing Officer

Tim Harrington is a seasoned marketing executive with a passion for driving business growth through innovative digital strategies. As the Chief Marketing Officer at REM Team, he leverages his extensive experience and expertise to spearhead the development and execution of impactful marketing initiatives across the organization's portfolio of practices.


Tim's journey in the world of marketing began at the prestigious Alfred Lerner College of Business and Economics at the University of Delaware, where he earned a double undergraduate degree in Marketing and Management. Equipped with a solid foundation, he embarked on a successful career in the corporate financial sector, honing his skills at renowned institutions such as ING Direct and Capital One.

Throughout his 15+ years in the corporate world, Tim showcased his exceptional leadership abilities by effectively managing cross-functional teams across different lines of business. It was during this time that he discovered his true passion for digital marketing, recognizing the immense potential it held for driving business growth and customer engagement.


In his current role as the Chief Marketing Officer at REM Team, Tim assumes a pivotal position in shaping the organization's digital strategy. With a keen understanding of market trends and consumer behavior, he develops and implements comprehensive digital marketing plans that enhance brand visibility, attract new customers, and drive revenue growth. Tim's dedication to excellence and unwavering commitment to achieving results have earned him a reputation as a trusted and visionary leader in the industry.


Outside of his professional endeavors, Tim finds great joy in spending quality time with his loved ones. He shares a fulfilling life with his wife Nicole and their two children, Parker and Willow. Their cherished moments are often spent exploring the picturesque Delaware seashore, where they visit Tim's parents in the idyllic town of Bethany Beach. Tim's love for golf has been a constant in his life, offering him not only a recreational outlet but also an opportunity to bond with lifelong friends on the greens.


Tim blend of strategic acumen, deep industry knowledge, and genuine passion for marketing make him an invaluable asset to any organization. Through his leadership and relentless pursuit of excellence, he continues to drive impactful marketing strategies that elevate brands and fuel business growth.

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